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Hi, I’m Mona, a disability artist passionate about living well with complex medical issues, art, travel, inclusivity, individuality, and love for all. 

I have a very eclectic background. From working in the corporate world, in retail, nightclubs, billiard halls, and in food and beverage. I held management positions in almost every industry that I worked in. I did volunteer roles including brand management, directing theatrical productions, fund raising for different charities, and also did art rental and sales at the Art Gallery of Alberta.


I live with a multitude of disabilities and complex medical conditions. I am a multiple brain injury survivor. I experienced significant racism, bullying, trauma and still lived a great life. I have phenomenal resilience and fortitude. Due to my unique traumatic experiences, there was no medical provider that could help me with all of it. I had to coordinate between dozens of providers and weave my way in and out of different cultural healing practices to establish my own healing methods. I created many methods over the years to live well with a disability and complex medical issues, and I am now ready to share them with you.

I am here to help others move forward with their lives by providing access to insights, courses, and products that can help them live their best life. 

I would not be able to help anyone, or make any progress without the help of my hubbie, JB, I will tell you a bit about him below:


So who is JB? He is a photographer, tech guy and long-time dedicated volunteer. He is also the fella that has been through everything with me. He stood by my side while I was misdiagnosed consistently every 6 months for over 5 years. We changed our lifestyle every 6 months based on every new diagnosis until 2 years in when I put a stop to it. We held our life in limbo until I could finally get enough information to work with and change our lifestyle to one that would work well for us.

He traveled with me 3 hours in each direction every month for 18 months as I had to go the hospital in a different city. Living with my speech impediment, he patiently sifts through tons of words every day while trying to find out what I am trying to say. Living with my vision impediment, he guides me along so I do not walk into walls, traffic, or fall down stairs. 

Together, MR JB and I have made it through a ton of challenging times and did so with lots of love and laughter. We would like to show you how we did it. I know there are a lot of people out there wanting to know how to have a great relationship with someone who has disabilities or medical complications. We are dedicated to providing content that helps you do just that. ​

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