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My Courses
All Courses are Online, Self-paced, and Lifetime Access

Mahjong for Memory - offered on Udemy

We engage different aspects of brain health in a fun environment while building memory, focus, attention, and shape recognition using mahjong tiles. No experience or familiarity with mahjong is necessary. This course does not teach how to play mahjong. Our courses on how to play mahjong can be found here

Inside The Clutter - offered on Udemy

The Inside The Clutter Method is my approach to decluttering.  This is a course that focuses on minimizing the overwhelm and emotional chaos that comes from decluttering. It is aimed at those that find it really difficult either due to the emotions that come up, from any type of medical issues or disability, or from any difficulty that makes decluttering difficult. 

Reduce Chronic Pain - offered on Udemy

This course provides a 3 step plan to reduce chronic pain. It is based around my personal experience with chronic pain and my lessons learned from attending courses, support groups, and chronic pain clinics.  

Mahjong Lessons - offered on the Mahjong Party School site

The Mahjong Party school offers online self-paced mahjong lessons. Courses can be taken at your own pace through the Fast Track option. We also offer our courses in timed fashion which spreads the course materials out over a few months so it is not overwhelming.


For our Quick Start option, we only offer the Part II version via Fast Track. You can still do the course at your own pace, it just becomes available all at once for you. 

Direct links to each course:

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